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Free Spoken English Classes began today with Fr. Dr. Policarp Xalxo as the Trainer

14 June 2019: The Free Spoken English class for the 1st Semester students who are weak in English, coming from Assamese or other backgrounds.

There are 52 students enrolled for this course. They are given free text book and assisted by video clips to help them pronounce and learn correctly the English language.

The college offers 4 hours of Spoken English Classes a week. The students will be given additional intensive training from 1-13 July.

The classes will continue this semester and if needed in the 2nd semester as well.

College offers free Spoken English and Digital Language Lab classes to students

22 May: Taking advantage of the long breaks during the month long University Examination, the college offered to interested students Spoken English Course and Digital Language classes. 41 students opted for these facilities.

The students are making rapid progress in mastery of English and get opportunity to pronounce words, phrases and sentences correctly. They are able to test their learning and accuracy of pronunciation and get it assessed by the DLM software and proceed to the next level. Being self monitored and assisted by the Mentors, the students make rapid progress.

The classes which began on 10 May will conclude on 30th May.