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“Now is the Time”, says Sr. Shanty Vellakkadayil, while exhorting the students to make the best use of time

01 April 2019: Sr. Silvi Kolencherry OLP and and Sr. Shanty Vellakkadayil OLP from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, visited the college today. They came from Varanasi. Fr. Jose Palely introduced the sisters to the college community and the students welcomed them. Jyoti Baghuwar and Alisha Surin presented the sisters with ‘Fulam Gamocha’.

Sr. Shanty delivered a message to the students, reflecting on the story of a Buddhist Monk who asked his disciples what time is it. Each one gave an answer but the answer that the teacher like was the reply of a woman disciple who said, “Now” as answer. Drawing on this, sister invited the students to give their best for each moment of their life. The time is now. What we have here is now and we need to make the full use of it. she told the students that ‘Now is the time’ and one must start now. She concluded her talk urging students to take the academic studies seriously from now and that will ensure a bright future ahead.

The sisters gave away certificates to the five NSS volunteers of the college who were selected to participate in North East NSS festival 2019 at Don Bosco College, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh organised by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. They were Tingmai Wangsu, Ganglen Bangyang, George Shilshi Lamkhang, Guloungam Gangmei and Samuel Purty.

Reported by: Tingmai Wangsu

Five NSS Volunteers from Don Bosco College Golaghat to participate in North East NSS Festival 2019 to be held at Itanagar

20 March 19: Don Bosco College NSS Unit has selected 5 NSS Volunteers to participate in the North East NSS Festival 2019 to be held at Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh from 23rd to 27th March 2019. The volunteers are: Guloungam Gangmei, George Shilshi Lamkang, Tingmai Wangsu, Samuel Purty and Ganglen Bangsa. We thank Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi and the Volunteers for making it possible for the NSS volunteers to participate in the NSS Festival. They will halt at Don Bosco College, Itanagar. We thank the Don Bosco College Itanagar for their timely help and assistance.

As part of NSS Activity, the Volunteers held group discussions and presentations

19 March 2019: Ms. Sushmita Rongpipi, the Program Officer,  organised the NSS volunteers into four groups and gave them time for group discussions. Each group was allotted specific questions on which they will discuss and come forward with a presentation.

a) What are the aims and objectives of NSS Units. How far are they accomplished.

b) What are the various activities taken up by the NSS Units. Take any one of the awareness activity and identify the ways through which youth can be made aware.

c) Can the Program Officer become a role model for the volunteers. If so, how?

d) How far have the volunteers benefitted by participating in special camps, integration camps, adventure camps, Life Skill Programs etc. Do these camps promote communal harmony and national integration?

There was very lively discussion among the various groups and each group came forward with the result of their discussion and presented them with the help of charts. The program officer animated the group discussion and helped them to bring out the salient points. We wish the NSS volunteers and the program officer all the best.

NSS special camp participants were awarded certificates

8 March 19: During the International Women’s Day celebrations in the college, the 25 NSS volunteers who attended the special camp were awarded certificates by the Honoured guests of the day.

Pritam Joseph Takri, Baba Kurmi, Simon Surin, Emanuel Lakra, Esther Meinguiliu Kamei, Roshan Kandulna and Gaikhangshin Phaomei were awarded the Participation certificate by Ms. Olivia Saikia, Bank Officer, Bank of India Golaghat.

Tingmai Wangsu, Mark Pegu, Rohit Gorh, Juli Malar, Aboy Pamei, Michael Kujur and Ankita Tirkey were awarded by Ms. Manjuri Saikia, Principal, Marshneil Academy, Golaghat.

Martin Minj, Binud Murah, George Shilshi Lamkang, Abhinash Minj, Ganglen Bangyang, Sushila Lakra, Pranjal Tanti, Chunthanlung Kamei, Samuel Purty, Guloungam Gangmei and Junash Tirkey were awarded by Sr. Ciciliyamma KM, Superior of Providence Niwas, Golaghat.

The special camp concluded very successfully. We congratulate Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi, the Program Officer and Asst.Professor, History department for all the efforts she made to make this special camp a successful one.

Environment Preservation and promotion is the theme of the Third day of the NSS Special Camp

3 March 2019: The third day of the NSS special camp began in the morning with the Painting Competition under the Theme: “Environment Preservation”. The children of the adopted village participated in the Painting Competition. All the Materials were provided by the NSS. NSS Volunteers, Ankita Tirkey, Esther Kamei, Ganglen Bangyang, Juli Malar, Pritam Joseph Takri, Gaikhanshin Phaomei and Michael Kujur coordinated the Painting Competition Program.

After the Painting Competition was completed, the saplings were planted in all the houses of the don bosco colony and the slum area. And some of the plants were distributed. This was taken charge by Martin Minj, Roshan Kandulna,George Shilshi, Emmanuel Lakra, Binud mura, Ankita Tirkey, Juli Malar, Aboy Pamei, Rohit Gorh, Mark Pegu, Tingmai Wangsu and Sushila Lakra.

Arrangement for games were done by Roshan Kandulna, Ankita Tirkey, Tingmai Wangsu, Samuel Purty, Junash Tirkey, Esther Kamei and Guloungam Gangmei.

And for shopping and preparation for meal was done by Baba Kurmi, Abhinash Minj, Chunthanlung Kamei, Pranjal Tanti, Rohit Gorh and George Shilshi. The NSS Volunteers with the help of Mr. Konthoujam Manoranjan, Asst. Professor, Computer Studies,Ms. Prarthana Borthakur, Asst. Librarian and Mr. Harmeet Singh, HOD, Department of Commerce, prepared a delicious meal for all the volunteers. Fr. Dr. Jose Palely, Principal, offered prayers before the meal and blessed all the members present. We thank Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi, Program Officer and Asst. Prof, Department of History for seeing to the smooth conduct and animation of the special camp through the third day. At 3.00 pm after a hearty meal together, the program of the third day came to an end.

Cleanliness Drive and Yoga Exercises mark the second day of NSS Special Camp

2 March 19: The nss volunteers began the day with a yoga session from 9:30 a.m. Small children of the adopted slum area also participated in the yoga session. Mr Montesh Tanti as the trainer conducted this yoga session. He demonstrated all the asanas necessary to keep the body fit and also spoke little bit on how to cure some ailments with the help of yoga. After the session ended at 11:00, they had tea break for half an hour.

After the Tea Break, Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi, NSS Program Officer, led the volunteers for a cleanliness drive in the adopted village area, picking waste papers, rubbish and plastics involving the local people also. They cleaned and burnt the garbages in a nearby open field at the end. The drive ended at 1:00 pm. After that all gathered for a discussion regarding sapling plantation and other activities for the coming week. Dr. Policarp Xalxo, Administrator of the college with the help of Shiv Kumar Sharma, Asst. Professor, Commerce and Manoranjan Konthoujam, Asst. Professor, Computer Studies arranged over 100 saplings for the tree plantation program from the office of the District Forest Officer, Golaghat.

‘Youth Against Intoxicants’ is the theme of the special camp of the DBC NSS Unit (2-8 March)

1 March 19: The NSS Unit of Don Bosco College is organising a special camp for the NSS Volunteers. This afternoon the selected NSS Volunteers along with the program office visited the adopted village to make the necessary arrangements and to share the information to all.

Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi, the Program Officer, gave a brief agenda of the NSS Special Camp. The weeklong camp in the adopted village will be from 2-8 March. The volunteers will be conducting a yoga session for the local youths of the area and open a health and sanitation club involving the locals itself. They will along with the villages will organise a cleanliness drive and hold a rally on Anti drugs and intoxicants. The district of Golaghat is experiencing the hooch tragedy and large number of deaths due to the use of spurious liquor the theme. Keeping this in mind, the Unit has taken the theme for the special camp is “Youth Against Intoxicants”. The volunteers will make the people aware of bad effects of the use of all kinds of intoxicants and also highlight how to have a healthy lifestyle. Street plays will also be organised focusing on the abuse of drugs and intoxicants. The programme will end with a painting competition for the young school children of the adopted area.

Career Cell organises Inter Club Quiz Competition

23 Feb 2019: Inter Club Quiz Competition was held in the college today organised by the Career Cell. The nine clubs of the college, Entrepreneur Club, Gender Club, Eco Club, Jesus Club, Health and Sanitation Club, Yoga Club, Literary Club, Sports Club and Cultural Club sent up two selected participants each for the quiz. The Quiz Master was Mr. Mark Pegu, Commerce 6th Sem student. Tingmai Wangsu and Sushila Lakra assisted the Quiz master.

There were a total of five rounds which the competitors had to go through to become winners. The first round was Trivia round in which the candidates have to choose the correct answer from the display screen.

The Second round was Mixed Bag in which question were asked on various subjects like Economics, Science, Technology, History, Music and sports. A team had to answer two questions each.

The Third round was India Said. In this round questions on India based on Sports, history, tourism etc were asked.

The Fourth round was Audio Visual Round. An audio or Video was streamed and questions were asked based on the item. Two hints were also provided to elicitate correct response from the participants.

The Fifth round was pictorial round. Pictures were projected on the screen and the participants had to identify the picture.

Entrepreneur Club led by Roshan Kandulna and Amit Bey secured first and Literary Club led by Tohsina Seyedi and Anjunika Tissopi secured second. Career Cell also sponsored awards for the winners. We congratulate the Career Cell animators, Mr. Harmeet Singh, HOD, Commerce and Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi, Asst. Professor, Department of History and the Career Cell members. The entire college participated in the program and the Career Cell made the quiz program very lively and interesting for all.

24 career training participants spend time in market scan

22 Feb 2019: The career training Participants were divided into 4 groups based on their career options and were send to the city and the market to interact with the people to get practical inputs on how they could nurture their career options.

Ganggaw Gansa, Nowang Wangsa, Vincent Bhengra, Neha Soreng, Lirdona Engtipi and Chusai Wangsa option for careers based on civil service had interview with Shri Shymal Kr. Gogoi, ADC, Golaghat. In their interaction with the ADC, they learned about the challenges and how to prepare themselves for the various competitive examinations.

Albinus Induwar, Cornel Baghwar, Abhinash Topno, Christopher Lakra, Albin Kerketta, Amrit Surin and Mathias Kunkal, opting for Business Entreprenuers, vistied Tata Motors and Hundai at Rangajan and interacted with the Managers and the staff, and were enlightened on how to embark on a business career.

Rebecca Surin, Basil Xess, Roselima Dhanwar, Sunami Osga and Bangsa Thokdam opting to be professors in academic line, visited the commerce college, Golaghat and interacted with the college professors. In their interaction with the professors, they came to know the need only only to qualify the academic requirements, but also constantly update themselves to provide a challenging learning environment to the students.

Joy Prakash Hereh, Suman Ekka, Joakim Lakra, Boniface Barla and Marianus Samaria opting to be Social Workers, visited the Parivartan NGO, located at Rangajan and interacted with its Director, Mr. Leander Toppo. In their interactions they learnt the need to work out everything systematically and become relevant for the people by acquiring the necessary skills and qualifications.

All returned with great joy and happiness and a sense of success as they could interact and related with qualified people in the profession they aspire to be. All felt that this was a great learning first hand experience for them. Career Trainer, Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi trained them for the Market scan.

NSS Unit, Don Bosco College, celebrated National Productivity Day 2019 on 15 Feb

15 Feb 19: The NSS Unit of Don Bosco College Golaghat observed National Productivity Day 2019 on 15 February. The entire college took part in the celebration.

NSS volunteers, Papori Kisan, Rita Munda and George Shilshi Lamkhang welcomed the chief guest and Jaimon Minj, NSS Volunteer introduced the chief guest.

A special talk was given by the Chief Guest : Rev Fr. Joseph Pampackal SDB, M.A (Eco) & M.Ed, In-charge & Principal of Don Bosco Rangajan, on the theme “Circular Economy for Productivity and Sustainability”. While speaking on Circular Economy, he also highlighted the importance of solid waste management, sustainable development and the principles of 3Rs. Thereafter the students went into their respective departments for group discussion on a definite topic related to the Circulation economy. The staff animated the group discussions. The the Valedictory function held at 2.30 pm, the representatives from each department presented the outcome of their discussions. This was followed by the concluding remarks by the Chief Guest, words from the principal and the vote of thanks by Ganglen Bangyang, NSS volunteer and concluded with the NSS song.