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Career Trainees prepare collage posters

25 Sept : With the help of the career facilitators, the Career Trainees prepared collage posters. The students were divided into groups and were asked to prepare a poster each on various careers.  They were given materials to prepare the collage. The trainees came up with very creative ways to present the career of their choice.

Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi organises career activities for the students

15 Sept : Ms. Sushmita Bora Rongpipi, Career Facilitator conducted activity session for the career trainees. All the members took active participation in the activities.

Career facilitators organise activity session for the career group

14 Sept: Mr. Harmeet Singh, Career Facilitator along with Sr. Reena George  organised activity session for the career trainers. All the students took active part in the session.

Independence day celebrated in the college by NSS and Departments

15 Aug: the Independence day was celebrated in the college by NSS and the various departments. Each department and NSS took active part in the program. Fr. Albert Lakra, Director, Don Boco Vocational Training Centre, Rangajan  unfurled the National Flag and also gave a message to mark the day. Selected students also addressed the gathering. The NSS group also performed a short program creating atmosphere of patriotism. Fr. Bimal Lakra, Vice Principal of Don Bosco College coordinated the program.

NSS Volunteers perform street plays on ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ at KKBB High School

17 April: Twenty NSS Volunteers as part of ‘Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan’ Conscientization program, performed short street plays at KKBB High School today.  The street play was aimed at creating awareness in the area of health and sanitation under the theme:”एक कदम स्वच्छता की ओर / One step towards cleanliness”. The street paly was performed at Kushal Konwar Balya Bhawan High School, so that the children of the school and the people around can benefit from it.

The volunteers spread the message of clean environment, individual responsibility and self hygiene through the plays. They also demonstrated the proper method of hand washing to the staff and the students of the schools. Two volunteers from the students were also trained in hand washing.  We are very grateful to Mrs. Padmavati Bora, the Principal of the school for her co-operation. They appreciated the performance of the NSS Volunteers and request the programme officer to have further such exchange programs in the future. We appreciate the hard work of Ms. Sushmita Borah Rongpipi, the Program officer.



Candidates of Career Training come out with creative responses

6 April : During the Career training program, the 25 career trainees were divided into groups and were given group activities. Each one was given opportunity to come forth with various points.  This was followed by hat making activity. Each trainee was given a news paper and they have to make unique hats. It was interesting to see how imaginative and creative they were.  Mr. harmeet Singh, Ms. Sushila Rongpipi and Sr. Reena P George CSJB, animated and helped the trainees.

Demonstration on first aid at the adopted village held

24 Nov : The NSS volunteers with the help of the NGO Parivartan, demonstrated how to give first aid to the victim of minor accidents. It was a great opportunity for the villagers to see how they could of help to those are in need.

Socio Economic Survey of the adopted village by NSS UNIT

23 Nov : At 11.00 am Prof Podmewsar Katoni, The resource Person of the day for the Special camp trained the volunteers to take up the Socio Economic field survey. The volunteers along with Prof. Katoni, the Program Officer and the staff visited the adopted railway colony for field work. The students were welcomed by the colony and interacted with the family members.

In the afternoon, the volunteers evaluated and reflected on the status of the area together with the resource person. This survey gave the volunteers a deeper understanding of the socio economic problems of the people living very close to the college. The volunteers became more committed to do something for the people and help them to improve their locality.



NSS Special camp inaugurated by Prof Podmewsar Katoni along with Fr. Jose and Thomas from Jalandhar

23 Nov: The first ever NSS special camp began today at 9.30 am with a colourful inauguration. Visiting fathers from the diocese of Jalandhar, Rev Fr. Jose Padayatty, Financial Administrator of the diocese and Rev Fr. Thomas Kolencherry, Parish Priest, Jalandhar along with Prof Podmeswar Katoni were on the dias for the inaugural Function.

Fr. Jose Padayatty  recalling the message of Late Abdul Kalam, encouraged the students to become a better human being and realise one’s full potential. Fr. Thomas Kolencherry exhorted them to cultivate healthy habits which will transform their future.

The resource person of the day, spelt out the road map for the special camp and encouraged the NSS Volunteers to be enthusiastic and committed Volunteers.




International Women’s day observed at the College

8 March:  The college celebrated international women’s day and focused on the role of women in society.

REv Fr. Anto Tharakan inaugurated the women’s day celebration. At the outset a short video was shown on some of the leading women of India. Mr. Samaresh Nandy, Asst. Professor, Department of Commerce, spoke about the need to recognise the immense work done by women. He spoke of his mother as a very courageous woman and invited all to appreciate their own mother and sisters who sacrifice themselves for others. The other speakers were Ms. Esther and Mr. Mohan Teron  of the department of English and Ms. Sushmita, Asst. Professor, department of History. Esther invited all to be Bold for Change and bring about a new mentality. Mohan shared from his personal experience and how women really sustain the family. Ms. Sushmita shared reflection on some of the Pride Daughters of India like  Anuja Chauhan, Arundhatti Bhattacharya, Agatha Sangma and others from various careers and showed how women make a difference in the society.

The programme was organised by the Gender Club.

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