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Winners of Story Writing Competition awarded by Gender Club

11 Feb 2020 : The Gender club declared the names of the winnders of the Inter-Club On the Spot Story Writing Competition held on 8th February 2020. Out of 29 Participants, 3 were judged as the winners. Wanggo Lowang of Literry Club secured the first prize. Shamma Kausar of NCC F/74 and Rebecca Surin of Eco Club won the 2nd and 3rd prize respectively.

The competition was judged by Mukul Sarmah, Asst. Professor, Department of Economics. Fr. Mathew C Paul gave away the prizes to the winners during the Morning Assembly.

Fr. Bimal Lakra, the Vice Principal along with the teachers in charge of the Gender Club, Priyanka Baruah, Alankrita Borthakur and Bhairab Hazarika were present for the prize distribution ceremony and thanked everyone for their cooperation and active participation.

Fr. Bimal Lakra inaugurates “Excelsior” Wall magazine of Political Science Department

31 Aug: Political Science department inaugurated their wall magazine, bringing forth the theme: ‘Excelsior’ subtitled ‘India Today’. The wall magazine touched upon all the current and major issues that face India today.

Rebecca Surin highlighted the main theme and invited all to ‘grow higher and higher in learning’ and excel in life. Bikash Horo welcomed everyone present for the inaugural function of the Wall Magazine.

The wall magazine was inaugurated by Fr. Bimal Lakra, Vice Principal and a comment was given by Fr. Jose Palely, Principal.

The program came to an end with the vote of thanks by the department leader, Wanggo Lowang, followed by a photo session with the organizers and the staff of the department.

We appreciate the hard work of the staff and students of Political Science in bringing the wall magazine at the most appropriate time.

Fr. Bimal Lakra Inaugurates the Political Science Departmental Wall Magazine Titled “Analysis on the Present NDA led Government

22 March 2019: The department of Political science prepared the college magazine on the theme ‘Analysis on the present NDA led Government’ which included initiatives on various developmental measures and the drawbacks of the government. Aboy Panmei Compered the Inaugural Program.

The wall magazine was inaugurated by Fr. Bimal Lakra, vice principal and the PRO of the college in the presence of Fr. Dr. Jose Palely, Principal and Fr. Dr. Policarp Xalxo, Administrator and IQAC coordinator of the college. All the college students along with the staff were present for the inaugural ceremony. Fr. Bimal Lakra spoke about the importance of mastering the skill of analysis and appreciated the effort made by the students of the political Science department in analyzing and bringing about the effectiveness of the present NDA Government.

Wanggo Lowang gave a brief description about the departmental wall magazine highlighting the various features. ‘We wanted to light a fire of desire in everyone and create a thirst for knowledge’, he said. After the words of appreciation from Fr. Principal and Fr. Administrator, Sinchuilung Gangmei delivered vote of thanks.

Only those that we put into practice become part of our learning, says Fr. Benny Kurian

FR. BENNY KARINATTU, Secretary, Dimapur (IND) –  spoke about the SPCSA meeting at Dimapur for which the 12 provincials of whom Fr. Felix of Goa is present here. There were 11 secretaries, and sector heads of each province.Also three fathers from our Generalate in Rome, Italy. It a was a grand gathering of important people and total there were 51 members for the Week long meeting.

I am happy to see the two students of the college, Chuntalung and George who were with me at the Ravalico College Hostel, Imphal. Recalling the life at Ravalico College Hostel, Imphal, he said, the hostellers got a lot of opportunity to take responsibilities and share their thoughts and ideas among themselves. They received at various moments of the day a lot of inputs by means of talks, lessons and learning moments. However, only those that we practice become part of our learning. 95% of what is required in life is not received in the class room. I was happy to hear Principal asking Fr. Mathew C Paul to take soft skills for semester 2 and 4 students. That is very important for life. Class room learning is essential for getting a degree and a lot of lateral learning will make life a successful one.

Chuntalung came forward and shared that he loved the opportunity to manage the hostel mess for two months. It gave me a lot of confidence and skill in marketing. George Shilshi said that he liked the time he got to share good night thoughts and the time of sharing ideas with peers in the hostel which helped him to be confident and courageous in expressing ideas. Fr. Benny concluded his message by inviting all the students to put into practice whatever experiences and advises that they are getting in the college

Prepared by: James Soreng, 17/ED/001, 4th Semester, Department of Education

“Familiarity Breeds Love”, says Fr. Felix Fernades SDB, reflecting on the life of Don Bosco.

4 March 19: Rev. Fr. FELIX FERNANDES, Provincial, Panjim, Goa (INP) along with Fr. Vaz Marvin and Fr. Karinattu Benny Kurian visited the college and interacted with the college students. The students welcomed the visitors and Fr. Dr. Jose Palely, Principal, while welcoming the visitors, spoke about the college and its activities.

In his speech, Fr. Felix while appreciating the rich cultural diversity of the campus, he highlighted that Our country India is a wonderful country with such diversity, diversity of people, of culture, dress, food, religions and as educated people, we will take it very seriously the promotion of diversity. For it is in this diversity that we have our identity. So many of you from varying backgrounds that add so much colour to your living here.

Speaking about the learning experience in the college, he said, You have very simple structures here. And am also happy to note that the big structures are coming up. Every mighty tree once upon a time was a small seed struggling to grow. We believe God will bless us along the way. I am so happy to see the Salesian Culture here in our campus. Familiarity breeds love. Don Bosco was able to remove the old phrase “Familiarity breeds contempt” by his life and method of Preventive system to “Familiarity breeds love. “